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Ave Maria Healing Art

Did you know that I have a few designs that have music literally spelling out "Ave Maria" (Latin for: Hail Mary)? Connecting the music notes together forms the shapes of the letters so it appears to say Ave Maria. This idea was one of my first sketches of...

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How to be Forgiven

Featured image: Design #50 Asking For Forgiveness One of the hardest things for a human being to do is to ask for forgiveness. No matter what your definition of sin is, we all do it on a daily basis. It's human nature. Sometimes we do the wrong thing even when we know...

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Love is your ultimate navigator

A while back I had a dream in which I heard this in Japanese: 「愛は聖なるナビ」(Ai wa sei naru navi). There is no simple translation for this in English so first I'll translate the three main parts.   愛 (ai) Love   は is 聖なる (sei naru) Blessed, Holy, Sacred ナビ (navi)...

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Devastating Earthquake Prediction Dream

My last post was the Most Real Earthquake prediction dream I'd ever had... that was, UNTIL TODAY! I've had dreams predicting earthquakes to come for many years now. After my last dream, we felt the Nov. 21 Fukushima 7.5M earthquake while we were in Osaka. It was much...

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The Most Real Earthquake Dream I’ve Had

This morning I had the most real earthquake dream I've ever had. And I've had a lot these dreams. It felt so real that in my dream I was explaining to my wife, "This is exactly like it happens in my dreams!" This dream was extremely real. The building swayed from side...

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These Designs are a Moral Guideline

All of the designs I create, the pictures I draw and paint and the music I write serve as a moral guide, even a spiritual guide for myself. As such, I think they can help anyone in the world be the best they can be. The dreams and visions I have are often of how...

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