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Tsunamis and Floods dreams

If you've read through my site at all, you've noticed by now that I have a lot of dreams. Many of them turn out to premonitions of something to come. The most common of those is when earthquakes are about to happen. These dreams are very real to me and can be really...

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Fill the world with Love

If you want to rid the world of hate, I say fill it with love. With recent terror activity around the world catching people's attention, I've noticed some of the things people are saying and doing, especially on social media. Some people react with sentiment and...

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New Art Website

Hello everyone, I am giving my healing art website a complete new look!  It will take some time to get it up and running the way I want it, but this is something I've been wanting to do for quite some time now.  I'll be able to blog more about the things that are...

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