My last post was the Most Real Earthquake prediction dream I’d ever had… that was, UNTIL TODAY!

I’ve had dreams predicting earthquakes to come for many years now. After my last dream, we felt the Nov. 21 Fukushima 7.5M earthquake while we were in Osaka. It was much smaller there, but the hotel we were in swayed and creaked. Today, I dreamt of an even more destructive earthquake. There was a fire near the exit of the basement I was in and I couldn’t put it out, so as the frame of the building began to shake and crack, we decided we had to evacuate from the other exits.

We were running through the streets, dodging falling buildings and structures like inner-city highways that were falling over and crashing into each other. Debris and rubble were flying everywhere and it was getting more dangerous. It was a large metropolis, but there was nowhere to safe to hide as the earthquake shook the whole city. Finally, after fleeing for about 10 minutes, I was running out of breath and the concrete was falling on me. Somehow, I escaped and was able to contact my dad to tell him I was okay and explain what was happening.

Now this earthquake dream is the most real and scary that I’ve ever had. We can’t stop quakes from happening because the Earth is a living thing that is constantly changing and moving. But we can be prepared. I think some people are more connected to nature than others and that’s how we catch these events before they happen.

If you live in an area that is prone to earthquakes or other natural disasters, I hope you have an evacuation plan setup with your family and the people around you. Here’s a Red Cross link for building an earthquake preparedness kit. While we shouldn’t live in fear of the unknown, we should be responsible enough to prepare in case it does happen. And never underestimate Nature’s Strength.

Here are a few of the paintings I’ve created from dreams about natural disasters:

Nature’s Strength – (Climate Change leading to natural disasters)

A Calm Earth (Earthquakes)

Rising Awareness (Tsunami, floods)

Mountain Energy (Dangerous Areas)


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