Father Christmas, the Spirit of Love and Compassion

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Who is Father Christmas? Is he Santa Claus, that big guy in a red suit carrying presents? Or is he Saint Nicholas, who cares for those in need?  To me, Father Christmas is the spirit – the living energy – that finds, cultivates and stirs up love and compassion amongst everyone. And those with love in their hearts are rewarded by Father Christmas in many ways.

See and read about Father Christmas in my painting

Why not spend the rest of this Christmas season with the spirit of love and helping each other at the front of your thoughts? Help someone you know that is in need. Help someone you don’t know, for no reason at all, and expect nothing in return! You may be pleasantly surprised at how great it feels.

It’s easy to get caught up in the busyness of the holiday business. But put that aside for a while and just look around. Think to yourself, “How can I make someone near me right now a little bit happier?!” Give an extra smile to someone (in case you haven’t heard, it’s contagious!)

Everyone can give and spread the warmth of love and compassion in their own way. Do what feels most natural for you, but get up and do it!


It has been said that those who can see the heart in this painting of mine called “Father Christmas” know love. Can you see it? Let me know!

Leave a message in a comment below! I wish you peace, love and happiness, always!

By the way, there’s an interesting read about Father Christmas, Saint Nicholas and Santa Claus at whychristmas.com.

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