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One of the hardest things for a human being to do is to ask for forgiveness. No matter what your definition of sin is, we all do it on a daily basis. It’s human nature.

Sometimes we do the wrong thing even when we know it isn’t right. Sometimes we make mistakes and realize later that we shouldn’t have done it, or wonder if we did the right thing. And most likely more times than we can imagine, we’ve broken the law, misbehaved, offended someone or somehow deviated from which is right and good. In any case, to err is human.

To Err is Human

So what makes it so hard to genuinely ask to be forgiven? Well, for starters it requires that you admit you did something wrong. Even when we’ve acted with the best intentions, we can feel shame and humiliation, which leads us to wonder or doubt if we even can be forgiven. Sometimes we even torture ourselves and wonder if we should be forgiven. Or maybe we just feel that we haven’t done anything so serious that it requires an act of forgiveness.

Some people say that you don’t need other people’s forgiveness, and it shouldn’t matter what others think of you. In a sense I can agree with that, if that’s the way you look at it. Because gaining forgiveness doesn’t come from how other people feel about your act of misdeeds or evil ways. Although it can help, that isn’t how you gain forgiveness that meaning.

Forgiveness comes from within you. That doesn’t mean to say that you forgive others (although it is a good idea), but it means to forgive yourself. That said, a simple “I forgive myself” doesn’t quite cut it either. Even still, it is not that complicated. There are a few steps you can take that almost guarantees the meaningful relief from the heavy weight of the knowledge that you have sinned. It’s also what can turn you around and help you make a positive change in your life as a result of what happened.

How to be forgiven

To be forgiven in the eyes of that which matters, you need: true regret, a sincere apology, love and sunshine (light).


If you don’t feel regret, you don’t believe you did something wrong. If you don’t believe it was wrong, you can’t learn from it. The act of learning from something enables you to make a better decision in the future. Making those better choices is what qualifies for forgiveness. I wrote more about regret here: Be Thankful for the Ability to Regret and I painted


Love is your ultimate navigator. It will not lead you astray. The goal is to stay on its path. I wrote more about love, stress and anger here: Love, Stress and Anger (Replace anger with love)

Sincere Apology

We apologize for our sins to show our sincere regret and our willingness to make the effort not to repeat our wrongdoings. If you have made an apology without that intention in your heart, it wasn’t a sincere apology. I wrote more about apologies here: Break the Spell

Sunshine (Light)

Light is what keeps us out of the darkness. The act of putting ourselves in the light exposes us to the love of the universe and brings our weakness into the light as well. With our weaknesses in the light for everyone to see, we can face our fears of shame and embarrassment. And only then can we begin to ask to be forgiven.

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