Keith J. Eldridge · Artist

Keith J. Eldridge

Keith J. Eldridge


Originally from California, USA, I moved to Japan in 2004 and have been painting spiritual healing art and teaching English to children and adults. I’ve loved music since childhood. In elementary school, my father taught me how to play the guitar and I started playing the trumpet at around age 10. I really loved playing in the marching band, concert band and jazz bands and continued playing through high school as well as some college.

“Keith Dream” art comes from music and/or images that I’ve seen in my dreams. I also compose the music for all the melodies in my art.

As an artist, all of my heart and energy goes into each painting with the intent to spread positive energy throughout the world.
Take a look through my portfolio and see which designs catch your eye the most!  I also have a blog and hope you’ll enjoy reading about my thoughts on peace, love, energy and healing.

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