Let’s Create a Positive Future for All! first appeared on my Facebook page on January 17, 2013

God is not an angry man standing and urgently waiting at a throne up in the clouds with a frown on his face and a gavel the size of a sledgehammer resting impatiently in his hand. God is not waiting there, ready to exact vengeance on all the sinners who hurt and took the lives of the innocent abiding non-sinners he created.

God is an entity occupying everything we know and don’t know. An entity of unconditional love and that has hope so strong that it can be called faith, faith in the good nature of humankind. That we can and will find our way back to the light that we came from way back in the beginning, before anyone can remember.

Guidance in our Decisions

It is the guidance that reminds of us of ethics, and high moral values throughout our lives.  We are all confronted with decisions in every moment that we live and breathe. Some are small, some are big. Some are easy, many are not.  But they all have an impact on our future.

These decisions we make day in and day out are what shape the future of all humankind. Consider the math. Each and every one of us roughly seven billion souls living on this earth is constantly choosing the next step to take, the next thought to think and the next action to produce.  Each action has its chain reaction throughout the day. The simple thought of forgiving your loved one for his or her words in the argument you had the night before, before you get out of bed, can change your whole day from a negative day to positive one.

But what if your loved one wakes and decides not to forgive you for what you said?  What if he or she instead decides to hold a grudge and hold you accountable? Will you stick to your waking thoughts of love over vengeance? Or will you turn instead and ramp up the argument, leading to full steam and even the possibility of breaking up, even after you had originally decided on forgiving and moving on to create a positive future?

How are you affecting the future of the human race?

Now consider that there are seven billion of us making these decisions every second of every day.

Perhaps you and your loved one both decided to make up and leave the house with a smile that day, but someone else decided to get behind the wheel of a car while still being furious with another.  If that lead to an accident, imagine the countless possibility of outcomes it could have on the lives of everyone in the accident, and all the people they know.  How many people will be angry at the person who got in the car impaired by anger and destroyed their friends future? What will they do with that anger?  Will they fight for vengeance?  Will they understand that it was an accident that was caused by someone making an irrational decision because they were hurt by someone they love?  Will they choose to forgive and move on?

Will they choose to learn from the situation and try to better themselves so that when the moment comes that they have to make a similar decision, the decision to get angry, hold a grudge, let their fury decide their future and the future of others… will they make a positive choice, no matter how hard it may seem at the time?

Life is not simple. It is not. Not at all, not for any of us.  It is a very complex and interdependent system of 7 BILLION human beings going through the same process of moving through life every moment of every day.  We consciously and unconsciously affect everyone and everything around us at all times, just as we are constantly being affected by everything and everyone around us. That leads to a chain reaction around the world. (The concept of six degrees of separation.)

WE are Supposed to Work Together

I think there is a reason for this. We are made to work with each other. We are meant to help each other and we must interact with each other and realize the consequences of what we do as a result. Through this, I believe that we can learn how to get back to our roots of love and empathy.  We can.  “Can” is the imperative word here.

We have the opportunity and the ability, but first we must make a choice.  How will we handle the situation at hand?  Will we choose to learn from what we experience (directly and indirectly) and will we make the effort to teach others as well?  And will that choice, the action we take, have a positive effect on the future of humankind, or a negative one?

It is too much for most of us to think on such a large scale. So let us start small, first consider the affects on our own life, then on the effects of those around us.  Then, from time to time, consider the affects of how you think, and how you act and how you don’t act. How are you affecting the future of the human race? What can I change in my daily life that can make a positive effect that might lead to a chain reaction that makes the world a better place to live in?

When we aren’t sure what to do, I think it is a good idea to stop, breathe and feel the strength of the entity of love in the air that surrounds us and is readily available to us if we choose to accept it. Choosing love and forgiveness is not always the easiest choice. But I believe it is always the best choice for the future.

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