Love, Stress and Anger (Replace anger with love)

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This is something I wrote in the middle of the night, way back on February 16, 2012. I just came across it again and thought it would be great to share with you right now. It’s about:

Love, Stress, Anger, and Patience

I woke up to this message and started writing it down until it stopped.

Stress relief is leaving it all up to Love.

“Angry, but patient.” isn’t good enough. It just hides and builds up the feelings of anger until one day it all blows up. Instead, just be patient without being (i.e. feeling / thinking) anger.

Replace anger with love and let love take control of the situation.

I’ve actually said to my children “I’m not angry because I hate you, I’m angry because I love you and care about you, and it frustrates me when you do something bad/wrong. And I want to help you learn.”

Today I realized that’s not good either. Love is always patient and kind and does not get angry.

Patience is merely one great virtue of Love itself.

Mixing frustration with love is to take away from the great energy that Love is.

Anger and frustration ARE our human emotions. I think we should learn to recognize them so that we may immediately overcome them by overwhelming ourselves with complete and unconditional Love when negative thoughts come about. Then the anger / frustration will be gone, rather than temporarily suppressed.


KE140 Repeat, spiritual healing art by Keith J. EldridgeREPEAT! This is not easy for anyone to maintain since we live and interact with society.
So, we must train ourselves daily to be prepared to react to any situation with Love.

Failure is a chance to reflect and learn.

Admit to yourself and to those around you / affected by you, that you did not handle the situation exclusively with complete Love, and that you are SORRY for it.

REGRET gives you a chance to change the future.

MOVE ON from it, having learned another situation that requires a greater focus on Love!

By keeping this on our mind daily, practicing it and admitting truthfully to ourselves when we fail to react with love, we can train ourselves to eventually be full of Love and not even need to react. It will come naturally more often.

BE Love, LIVE Love, TEACH Love, not necessarily with your wise words, but by example in your actions and thoughts. For just as you learn day by day to allow love to take over your personality naturally, so shall it consume the aura you give out naturally. And so shall it spread to those around you naturally.

And do not rush anyone else to learn quickly, as we do not know what they need to experience to be able to grow. Instead, give all your love and enjoy watching them grow, as this too will help you grow your own ability to submerge your own soul in the greatest feeling of all, complete and total, never-ending unconditional Love!

Artwork: Aizen Myo O, Repeat

More of my paintings about Love and Patience

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