Have you screwed up? Have you deviated from the path that would have lead you to your true goals in life? Do you need second chance to do what’s right? Or maybe yet another second chance in life? I painted a picture for that, which means there’s a meaningful story behind it. Please lend me your ear. (I’ll give it back when I’m done.)

I have come to think that we are born into this world, each of us, with some sort of task to fulfill in order to better our souls. For some, the task would seem much more difficult than others. For some, it may seem more natural. Be it the same, I believe that each of us is special and no matter how big or small our task may be, it is important to fulfill.

It is a complicated intertwined world of billions of souls

That said, I also think that there is not simply one way to complete a task and reach our goals in life. As a matter of fact, it is a complicated intertwined world of billions of souls – living and past – that interact with each other in such a way that “chances” occur throughout time, where paths can either vary way off or even manouver us back in the right direction depending on the choice we make when it is presented to us.

While I think that in our souls, we know the right path for ourselves, I do know that it is very easy to get sidetracked or even intentionally choose the wrong (or lesser right) way. It may be simply because it is easier. But it may also be because you haven’t weighed the possible outcomes and waited for the right timing. Of course it could also be greed or plenty of other emotions you had at the time.

So the problem here is that the further we deviate from the paths that guide us to completing the goals we came into this world to reach, the more difficult it gets for the universe to create a situation that can bring you back on course without having a negative impact on too many of the other billions of souls that we need to live in symbiosis with.

The forces of the universe naturally guide us

I also think the gods, the forces of the universe naturally guide us daily by constantly adjusting all these paths so we can have the options we need in order to to succeed. After all, we are here for the purpose of succeeding, not for the purpose of failing. There is no competition, other within your own self.

We are meant to succeed, but the choice is ours.

We are guided, but we have to choose to follow that guidance.

So, have you screwed up your path? Are you headed in the wrong direction and lost site of any good signs pointing the way back? Have you lost hope? I think there is hope.

Here’s another chance for you:

Another chance

Now, listen to your heart because that is the universe showing you the way. It is god, your guardian angel, your ancestors, you past loved ones, your mentors from past lives who are trying to point you in the right direction. The only caveat is that they cannot push you, they can only put it in front of your face for you to see and choose.

Now that you have been given your second chance, what are you going to do with it? Let’s assume that every chance you get that doesn’t lay along the natural paths available causes a ripple in nature that can throw everything off beyond repair. In those instances, if your heart is pure and your mind is focused, a miracle can be created for us. However it is done at a cost. If you choose that path, you can get what you need, but you will reach different and more difficult obstacles that you will need to navigate in order to restore balance to nature.

Life is a complicated thing. It’s not as simple as a single well defined path that must be followed and met or else you fail.

The universe wants you to succeed. You just need to want it as much as the universe does.

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