The Meanings Behind the Healing Art

Thank you for your interest in understanding the background behind my music art.  All of what I do is meant to help people and/or the environment in one way or another. With a clean soul and healthy environment, we can finally do what we are here for. Due to nature and history, there are so many things that we need to work on to make this world a better place.

Each design was created for a particular reason, to help someone or something heal – either spiritually or physically. I’ve tried to document as much as I can for each painting. As I began to create more music and paintings, I realized I needed to be more detailed about each situation I that create for. If you are looking to realize or clear a situation or problem you find yourself in, it may be useful to combine two or more designs together and see how they compliment each other in meaning. For example, a person with a particular illness may have contracted it by doing something in their daily activities at school or work. Or it could be a result of something that happened in the past (possibly even past lives, or ancestor related)! In these cases, combining a painting for health with a painting about dealing with workplace circumstances could not only help solve your issue, but help you understand why you are in the position you are in.

I explain more about what I create in “Why I paint healing art”.

How to enjoy this website

Some of you may wish to see the meaning of the paintings out of simple curiosity; some may find that reading through will change your views on life. Some designs may strike you in ways you may not expect. I implore you to go into this area with open-mindedness. Some of the statements in the descriptions are bold and to the point. These meanings are not meant to offend you or anyone else, but to bring out the problems we have and add love and gratitude to them using color and music, to create change and balance out the negative in our lives so we can get on with our master plan.

Recommended With

These are recommended sets of pictures designs that compliment each other in meaning. For example, someone with Leukemia might want to have Ave Maria (Red), Healing Power and Beginnings to help them battle against their disease from different angles. I welcome your comments on what you think would make good combinations as well!


Symptoms / Situations

In this section, I try to give a few examples of the nature conditions or people’s physical or spiritual state, for which the music and art was intended. Of course this list could go on and on, but hopefully the examples get my point out.


Keywords / Tags

This is a list of words that relate to the topic of the description, hopefully this will help your search to find the picture you are looking for.

Symptoms / Situations

Many people ask me how I come up with the ideas for these designs. Here I try to give a brief explanation of how the idea for the music, colors, design or meaning came to me. This section will often be similar to the description by nature. The majority of my art comes to me in dreams. I either hear the music (e.g. someone playing a violin), then wake up and write it down, or I see an image (e.g. a tree with the letter “i” in the middle of the trunk), then wake up and draw it, or view a scene of a problem that needs attention (eg. an all night dream with atomic bomb testing replayed very realistically from different angles until I wake up.)


I try not to make too many categories. Otherwise I’d have to categorize the categories too! These are general groups of pictures that seem to compliment each other’s meaning and can be mixed and matched well for many purposes. Of course many pictures will fall into more than one category, some of which I may not have included. One reason is, a picture might mean something different for each viewer, no matter what the description or words I use to describe it.

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