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I think everything happens for a reason. I think God has a plan for us before we are born, and we know that plan in our souls. Actually, I think that we made a plan along with God, as our soul was out there in space somewhere waiting to be born. That’s one reason some things just seem right and natural to us.

Unknown Laws Of The Universe, painting #60 by Keith J. Eldridge

Unknown Laws Of The Universe


But things don’t always go according to God’s plan. And I think one of the main reasons is because we mess it up ourselves, most likely as a result of greed or some other emotions we experience through our daily lives. Other things like how we deal with the people around us and their greed are also involved, but in the end the choice of how we deal with it really is our own.

These lead us away from the plan, and make us vulnerable to the “dark side.” In this state, demons, the energy of the darkness, can drive us and influence our choices and actions. And once they get ahold of us, just once, they are locked in. From that point on, it gets harder and harder to break free of their darkness and return to the light. The light is where God’s plan leads us to, and only pure unconditional love can get us there. Unconditional love.

Instead of seeking satisfaction through acts of darkness, we should turn to love.

Once we’ve seen the satisfaction that the dark side can help bring us, we give in more and more. We just don’t realize that it is only temporary and we will have to give in once again to get that feeling of satisfaction again.

Each time we give in and reap the rewards of living off the support of demons, they withdraw some more of our energy as payment. They won’t take it all at once, but leave you enough to make you realize you need something more. Then we come crawling back to them and they reward our greed with things like revenge. We feel the rush and we remember it. This leaves us open to becoming their prey, yet again.

iSHine!, painting #38 by Keith J. Eldridge

iSHine!, painting #38 by Keith J. Eldridge

Instead of seeking satisfaction through acts of darkness, we should turn to love. The rewards are so much greater, and the rewarded doesn’t stop with you, but it spreads to those around you. And the stronger it grows inside you, and the more you put it into action, the harder it becomes for the demons to retain their grip on your soul. Their aim is to suck your soul dry of all it’s energy – until you have nothing left to give – and then they devour you and finish you off. Make no mistake; they have no appreciation for anything you do for them.

We cannot and should not ever even attempt to fight demons. For they are energy forms unbound by the flesh that our souls are bound by, living within a human body.

We must keep our bodies healthy in order for our souls to survive. Demons of darkness are pure evil and would even feed on each other to survive; they are ruthless and would have you be just like them. The only problem is the cost that you must pay as they take your energy. You would never survive long enough to become like them.

Just as we must keep our bodies healthy for our soul to survive, so must we keep our soul healthy for our body to survive. Our body and soul are intertwined and rely on each other to maintain the miracle that is life.

Transcending Dimensions, painting #106 by Keith J. Eldridge

Transcending Dimensions, painting #106 by Keith J. Eldridge

We can only survive so long off of greed – gaining energy at the expense of others losing theirs. In order for us to gain something, someone else almost always has to lose something. When that happens at the behest of demons, nobody actually wins.

The only way to win against demons, against evil and darkness, is to not resist them. That does not mean to give in to them. Any energy you expel trying to resist or fight is only absorbed by them, making them stronger as you grow weaker.

But it doesn’t have to be that way, and that’s not the way it was meant to be. As long as you stick to the path of unconditional love for all, you will be following the path that you and God laid out before you were born, and the demons will have none of your energy to take.

When we have done all we can do in a lifetime, our soul leaves the body. At this time, it must have enough energy to reach the light. We must struggle to keep our souls full of energy so that when our time comes, we may reach the end of our path and return to the light from which we came.

And it all happens through unconditional love. And it is never too late to make it your top priority again. It may get harder as we become more and more accustomed to the rewarding feelings we get, the rush, the temporary feeling of satisfaction we feel after doing the deeds of demons. But we can break free of that, knowing that by showing and spreading that which is love amongst all those around you is what makes your energy last. It stops the demons from sucking you dry, and it keeps you on the right path.

Mi Casa Su Casa, painting #45 by Keith J. Eldridge

Mi Casa Su Casa, painting #45

So don’t fear the demons. Rather, if they show up at your doorstep, offer them the path to the light as well. Offer them all that is love, and nothing less. If they still have any light left within them, you may provide them a way back to goodness. If not, they may give up on trying to steal your energy and move on to some other more vulnerable prey. Most demons are lazy and choose the weak at heart or those who might otherwise be strong hearted but fall susceptible their influence due to negative circumstances. Realize when you are vulnerable and calm your heart, give them nothing to feed upon.

Whenever possible, teach others to do the same. Demons will always be out there, as long as they have someone’s energy to survive on. Help those around you to protect themselves by not looking to the dark side for answers. The less food for demons you have around you, the less they feel attracted to your area and they will move on to better hunting grounds.

Your best protection is to fill your heart, your soul, your mind, your aura that projects off you and affects all those around you, with everlasting, unconditional love.

This is the life goal you have set for yourself, with God’s help. The path you take will not be perfect. You will stray. You will get lost. You will also have guidance toward the right direction. But you must be in control of yourself enough to realize whether you are being guided by angels or by demons, and make the right decisions, accordingly.

When following the guidance of angels, we are on the path.
When following the guidance of demons, we deviate from the path.

The hard part is knowing which we are following.

Not everything that happens in our life is part of the plan. The plan is more of an outline than a word-for-word directive. That is why it is a “deviation“, rather than just the harshness of “God’s plan.”

The path is yours to follow. And though I believe that God wants us to make the right choices, the choice is always yours to make, not God’s.

p.s. The spiritual healing art that I create is a means to help people get back on track. Either by helping you find the right decisions or by bringing you God’s energy so that divine intervention may occur. I believe this to be a major role in my path, helping others find theirs.

Everlasting Light, painting #100 by Keith J. Eldridge

Everlasting Light


A few things to consider:

Can you relate any of your life experiences to the situations I’ve described? Have you gotten past them yet? How?

Do you know anyone else who has fallen into darkness, but pulled themselves out?  I believe that, though you may be helped by someone, in the end, you must come out of the darkness of your own will.

Have you ever been the one that helped someone pull them-self out of the darkness?

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Thank you for reading; I look forward to your feedback!

Not everything that happens in our life is part of the plan. The plan is more of an outline than a word for word directive. That is why it is a “deviation”, rather than just the harshness of “God’s plan.”

When following the guidance of angels, we are on path.
When following the guidance of demons, we deviate.

The hard part is knowing which we are following.

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