Why I paint Healing Art designs

First off, let me express my appreciation to you for your interest in this healing art and healing music. I believe one hundred percent in what I do, and your support encourages me even more to create new things for this world! There is so much I can say about why I create this music and art, so I’ll start with my own background. Then I’ll tell you a little about what I believe the purpose of my art is. Finally, please browse through the art descriptions and think about how they relate to each other, and how you can relate to them. While you may or may not believe (or even agree with) what I believe, I think it would be difficult to dispute that the meanings behind these designs bring attention to true issues in our world and life. With that, I hope you can enjoy what I’ve created with an open mind.

If you find the meanings or information here too much to handle, I can truly understand that. If you reach that point, I’d suggest clicking away from the detailed information and just go to the picture listings and enjoy the music and art for what you see!

A little background about me, Keith J Eldridge

I would like to thank my parents for encouraging me to learn music at a young age. I started off in elementary school with the trumpet and continued to Jr. College and a bit in the Air Force Drum and Bugle Corp. My father also taught me to play the guitar when I was about age 13. Throughout school I had music teachers who enabled me to grow and try other instruments and enjoy and appreciate music. I composed a piece for the concert band in high school and our director was kind enough to let me make an attempt at conducting it in band class! To be honest, I don’t remember how well it went. I was just happy I was allowed to do it and that the band members didn’t laugh at me for trying, and made their own attempt at playing what I had written. Though everyone had their copy to play from, I myself somehow don’t have a copy anymore! I wonder how it went…?

I also played in a garage band throughout high school. We performed at a few parties and had a lot of fun. I wrote several songs, including music and lyrics. We played for many hours at a time, often most of the day, bugging all the people in the neighborhood, I’m sure (if you’re one of those people, thanks for putting up with us!)

So music was my dream though, at the time, I had no idea how to pursue it other than to go to college and continue playing. As fate would have it though, I never made it through the first semester of college and ended up joining the Air Force. In technical school, I played in the soprano section of the drum and bugle corp., eventually became the soprano leader, and for the last week or two I made it to corp. commander.

After I graduated from tech school, I started veering away from music as an everyday thing. I continued to play the guitar here and there and eventually sold my trumpet. Years passed, and we ended up in living in Japan where my wonderful wife is from. After moving back to California once for a few years, we decided to return to Japan. This is when music started to find its way back into my life.

Since I was young, I always had music going through my head, everywhere I went. I believe that the reason I sidetracked after High School is that I needed more experiences in life to be able to put true meaning and feeling into the music I would write. I went through several jobs, living in different places, meeting all sorts of people.

Understanding Energy

One good friend of mine introduced me to Kung Fu. Also having friends who were exchange students from Japan, I developed an increasing interest in Zen(leading to an additional interest in Tai Chi) and ways of living a life that is more in touch with nature. (I’ve always been a nature lover.) In Kung Fu and Tai Chi, I was introduced to the idea of internal energy, and using that energy physically in daily life. I read some related books here and there. Though I never really studied any of these deeply, the ideas always seemed very natural to me, and I could easily relate.

Yin and Yang

I became very interested in the energy of life and tried to tap into it by practicing what little Tai Chi I had learned, some “Ki” concepts from Aikido, and by combining these ideas with other Zen-like i that caught my interest. After physically sensing energy somehow around my body, I began to wonder about the soul. I thought, “If I can control my energy enough to express it outside my body, then there must be a lot more to life than just being born, getting a job and then dying. This led me to a more open-minded approach to my daily life. That being said, I’ll suffice it to say that I have gone through plenty of life-training and re-evaluating my thoughts and ways, and my approach to life.

I began to feel, and understand that we are all soul energy, here in human form, living upon this Earth for the purpose of training our soul/spirit to become as pure as possible. I don’t claim or follow any particular religion. I don’t consider myself a religious person, but I do know that I am a very spiritual person. I understand that energy flows around this Earth (and throughout space, for that matter) and makes up what we call Nature. I believe that we are a small part of that energy, and living in human bodies (historically, the introduction of living as human beings, starting with the very first person) has put limitations on how much we sense the other energy around us. Thus our growing separation from Nature, and our continuous growth of greed.

More and more, I realized how greed brings us down, and how love and gratitude pick us back up again. Positive thinking creates positive flowing energy, and negative thinking creates negative, destructive energy. In addition, waste stops the flow of energy, creating stale environments where no good can come to be.

Often, I thought to myself that I should do something about it. I tried my best personally, with plenty of ups and downs. And once in a while discussed with friends the problems that we, as humans, have created for ourselves and for this planet we live upon.

It wasn’t until I decided to do something better with my life – than devote all hours of night to a technology company that certainly wouldn’t miss me when I was gone – and move my family to Japan. I met some very truly wonderful and supportive friends who had the same feelings as I do regarding life as a training mission for our souls. We discussed things in detail often, and I gained a lot of useful advice and ideas from them. I still do.

The purpose of my music and art

After moving back to Japan, I opened my own English school with my wife. I decided not to let the dark things in life bog me down so much that I couldn’t see the good things in life. I realize I am not perfect and have a ton of training ahead of me! I still go through hard times where I have to snap myself out of my heavy thoughts and remember the big picture.

With a clearer mind, the music started to come back to me, stronger than before. I heard it in my head as I walked through the streets, and with everything I did. I didn’t think much of it and didn’t do much with it until one day when I was talking about it with some good friends. They recommended I try to do something with it.

Music Star healing art

The music I heard was more like short musical phrases. So rather than simply write them down on staff paper and let them sit, I had some fun and playfully wrote the music in artistic form. I had had no formal art training, but thought it was interesting to do. For the heck of it, I hung them up in my classroom. When my friends and students saw them, they suggested I take it further. I was, of course, pleased with this and began to think a little deeper into what I was doing.

I realized more and more that I was hearing the same tunes often. I even started to hear music in my dreams. Sometimes the music had a certain background image, sometimes not. But eventually as I concentrated more, I began to feel and see that there was some stronger meaning behind the music and the images I saw in my dreams. I believe that by opening my mind and heart to nature, the energy around us is talking to me through this music. Some of it was easy for me to understand, but some of the topics were more complicated.

Keith painting wisdom of ages

I conversed with good friends about these topics that came to me through music, images and dreams and tried to make sense of them. Then I began to create my music art. I’ve always tried to put pure thoughts and feelings into the things I draw and paint. My intention was to recreate the things I saw and felt. But since what I saw was often sad, dangerous or destructive to people or nature, I decided it was my job to add some love and gratitude through the colors of the rainbow; THEN I could get it out to the world to help make a change!

Why the colors of the rainbow? In short, I believe our souls come from a place of pure light. Light is taken for granted by us now, but when seen from the point of view of a rainbow, we feel something spectacular and amazing inside. How many people do you know that wouldn’t pause, if not for a mere brief moment to marvel at the wonder of a rainbow when it appears in the sky? This is the reason that I do not create in black and white. I see black, being a lack of color, as the opposite of light, and the home of the demons that would try to keep us away from the message in the light. That message is the key to our existence, and it is pure, unconditional love.

Through the “messages” that come to me in music and visions, my goal is to identify the things from the “dark side” that tend to make life tough, and bring about the destruction of the energy and environment that we live in. Without the support of that energy and the things in nature, we cannot fulfill our training. In turn, we may bring about the destruction of this planet that has supported the life of us and all our ancestors back to the very first being.

Now, I have many designs (and so many more to come) that pinpoint problems and issues that we encounter everyday. They may be health problems that impede our ability to advance, or political issues that sprout greed or even spiritual issues that linger from unsolved problems, worries and predicaments of the past. If I can point these out to the people of the world, in a way that they can see the underlying beauty that these issues eat away at, I believe I can help cause a change in society and people’s ways of life, that will change our world (spiritually and physically) for the better!

Wait a minute! Did I just say issues that linger from the past? I certainly did! If you think about it, only a fraction of the problems that we have today were created by people of today! They were caused by events in the past, be them purposefully or not. Most, I would venture to say, stemmed from some sort of greed. And this all started from the very first person to exist on this planet. As time passed, we looked away from the light we came from and the energies that surround us and focused our attention more on the physical attractiveness of the things around us.

Then someone said, “Hmmm, I want More!” Hence, the emergence of greed. Having more means someone else must have less, thus came fighting, then came war, and the rest is history! History! Though we are all souls who came from the light to train ourselves to be better than before, we all have trained as human beings, as have our ancestors. We are born from our ancestors as part of the process of training our souls. Our ancestors are whom we got our blood and life from. Therefore, we are the same as our ancestors. Furthermore, we are as much at fault for the state of this world and society today as they are.

Clear the Past

And it is as much our responsibility to correct the negativity brought about in the past as those who failed to do so at the time it was created. If we ignore it, we are doomed to repeat it through reincarnation, over and over again until we either fix what we have done wrong and bring back to our hearts the light from which we came, or until we fail and cause the ultimate destruction of this planet that has graciously given itself to us for our training grounds.

For many people, this is way too much to take in, and understandably so. We didn’t start most of this mess; we were reborn into it. We don’t remember our past lives (for the most part) and what we did, good or bad, nor what our ancestors or the people around them did. Some would disagree that we are responsible for that. Most would find it hard to disagree that we are responsible for our future though. What ever motivates you, I urge you to make some effort to change the ways of the world today, and everyday of life. As human beings, it is impossible to be perfect, but by picking away at each little problem that exists out there, we can bring about the memories of Light, Love and Gratitude that our souls embrace so passionately inside.

So this is the meaning of my art. I wish to make it easier for us to see the GOOD behind all the problems in the world, and make a conscious effort to clear away that negativity that is hindering the energies that surround us. This would help us through our training as souls.

Though the information here is deep, please take the time to simply enjoy the art and music I create, and let it do its work in the background for you. I do believe that these are messages from God, nature and energy, which can be passed along WITHOUT words, but through the light of color and music.

I thank those of you who would help my effort to change the world as we know it by helping to spread my art around the world!


I cannot express enough gratitude to all those who have given me so much support and advice in my creation of this music art. I could not have done it by myself. I, myself, have learned from each picture I’ve created, and I thank you for helping me see the depth of the meanings behind them through your discussions, words of encouragement and appreciation.

With Love and Gratitude,

Keith J Eldridge

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